Top Jewelry Picks for Fall 2017

Sweeties, it’s time to talk bling. We took a step away from the big brands to seek out some fresh names in jewelry design. Here are our top five jewelry picks for fall 2017.

Ana Khouri

Ana Khouri. We love the modern lines of Ana Khouri’s jewelry (left and main photo), which is all so beautifully balanced. These Gertrude Earrings, for example, are hoops with a difference – swooping elegantly from lobe to ear. They are available in 18k Fairmined gold with emeralds or white diamonds.

Delfina Delettrez

Delfina Delettrez. As a member of the Fendi family, Delfina Delettrez could find a job pretty easily in fashion, but she has made her own way with jewelry that is smart, witty and chic in equal measures. We like her new 360° collection, which incorporates gemstones without traditional prong settings –resulting in a fusion that’s part classic, part futuristic.

Anita Ko

Anita Ko. Speaking of wit – Anita Ko uses seriously gorgeous materials and adds a dash of whimsy to create her stunning designs. We like her new Evil Eye Bracelet – which you can get with a blue sapphire, ruby, or emerald center stone. Or, you can really ward off the bad vibes by getting one of each and wearing them together – better safe than sorry, Sweeties!

Dauphin. There are days, Sweeties, we wish we were rock stars –so we’d have an excuse (and the money!) to wear as much bling as we wanted. Since that’s not going to happen, we’ll look for other ways to express ourselves –like this super cool Volume choker from Dauphin. We love the bands fused together to form a stacked pendant that conjures the soundboard at a recording studio. Let’s rock, Sweeties!


Anicorn. Sometimes, one has to make a choice between the pretty and the practical. Anicorn sort of solves this dilemma with the too-cool-for-school NASA-inspired K-452 Luna automated watch. Powered by the movements of the wearer, it’s sustainable and battery-free. It’s also confusing as hell for us Luddites. The three discs rotate to tell the time – to make a sort of wearable solar system. We just think it looks fantastic.