The Best Moisturizers, Head to Toe

It’s that time of year, Sweeties, when moisturizing is truly essential. Here are our picks of the best moisturizers, head to toe.

Hair: Winter weather means split ends, fly-aways and dry hair in general. Or it used to. To tackle the problems, we are fans of Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak. Olive, avocado and lemon oils combine to rescue tresses from seasonal stresses. Use this masque two to three times a week in the shower and you’ll be rewarded with silky, shiny hair.

Face – Day: Shiseido is almost unrivaled when it comes to effective skincare. In Asia, fans queue for their whitening products, but we really love their Benefiance NutriPerfect Day Cream. It has an SPF 18 and has been specially formulated for mature skin (that’s us, Sweeties!). We especially like that the cream is lightweight, easily absorbed and non-greasy, perfect for under makeup.

Face - Night: SkinCeuticals Renew Overnight (available in Dry or Oily formulas) is a really great choice if moisture plus anti-aging are important to you. Its effectiveness is largely due to its gently exfoliating hydroxy-acid blend, which works overnight. We love it, but if you’ve got sensitive skin, skip this one and try Skinceuticals Emollience instead.

Lips: This season, we suggest you perfect your pout with Arrow Boost - Color Enhancing Lip Balm. On first glance, it looks like any basic clear balm, but this one is magic. As it warms up, it adjusts to your pH level and adds a subtle tint and a touch of shine to your lips. Irresistible, Sweeties!

Hands: When it comes to protecting our paws, we aren’t picky, just greedy. If it’s within reach, we’ll give it a go –whether it’s a cheap mass-market brand or a very dear Swiss mix. As a special treat, we adore Diptyque’s Eau Rose Hand Cream. The Parisian perfumiers really know how to make things smell divine – and this is lovely indeed. Plus, it works, thanks to aloe vera and macadamia oil. We love traveling with this one.

Nails: We are big fans of Nailtiques Formulas, which come in four variations (Formula 1 for normal nails; 2 for weak, soft or thin nails; 2 Plus for problem nails; and 3 for hard or brittle nails) plus a special Artificial Treatment if you have gels, acrylics, tips, etc. We swear by this nail protein, which is especially helpful as the weather turns harsh.

Body: If you’re anything like us, you go through lots and lots of body lotion in autumn and winter. Rather than spend a fortune on precious products, we are all about value for money in this category, which is where L’Occitane comes in. We love the bright notes of the Verbena line, which adds a touch of lemony sunshine to dreary days. The shower gel is nice, too.

Feet: After lips, if any part of the body needs extra attention in winter, it's feet. We use Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream to add some much-needed moisture to our poor peds. The formula features very rich coconut oil as well as peppermint and rosemary extracts, which make the fragrance especially appealing. Warning! this product needs a little time to sink in – don’t walk around barefoot after you’ve applied it!