Postcard from Vienna – Cafe Culture

Why celebrate Vienna's cafes? Because, when it comes to cafés, no city (not even Paris) can compare to Vienna, where enjoying a cup of coffee is truly a cultural experience. Here are our top five tips for enjoying Vienna’s beautiful and historic cafés.

[caption id="attachment_3381" align="alignright" width="225"]Vienna Cafe A Viennese coffee break[/caption]


Postcard from Vienna

IMG_7549Wilkommen, Sweeties, to Vienna - where you can spend your days in a thousand different ways, all of them brilliant. Whether you’re into History, Art, Music, or Café Culture, this is the city for you. A word of warning though: there are more churches, museums, concerts and cafes than even the most die-hard visitor can take in during one visit. So, plan an extra day and plan to return. For this postcard, we’re diving into Viennese history. (more…)